Intex Ultra XTR Frame Pool Review

One of the primary advantages of this Intex swimming pool is that it is easy to set up and dismantle at the same time.

Although the pool can be used all year round…

(by tempering the water during winter months with above ground pool heater or solar above ground pool covers)

Yet the life of the pool is largely extended if it is dismantled and stacked away for some time during the year.

The components that make up the swimming pool structure are strong, durable steel frames which are treated with powder coating to prevent rust and wear from extended periods of contact with water.

The sidewalls extend 52 inches in height and are made up of Ultra-Strong laminated PVC material for extended longevity from wear and tear.

The Intex Ultra Frame Pool is available in either a rectangular version or a circular version with varying sizes for each version.

The rectangular version comes in three sizes.

  • Intex 18 x 9 Feet Pool : 52 inches depth
  • Intex 24 x 12 Feet Pool : 52 inches depth
  • Intex 32 x 16 Feet Pool : 52 inches depth

One can choose the size of the pool with respect to the number of people one needs to accommodate within the pool.

For a small family, the Intex 18 X 9 pool would work just fine whereas for a family with up to 10 members, the larger version of Intex 32 x 16 pool would be a better choice.

There are similar choices for the circular version of the Intex Ultra Frame above ground pool. The available sizes for the circular version are:

  • Intex 16 feet diameter X 48 inches depth
  • Intex 18 feet diameter X 48 inches depth
  • Intex 22 feet diameter X 52 inches depth

How to Install Intex Ultra

Usually, a couple of hours should be all it takes for two people to set up the installation for an Intex 18 X 9 pool.

The time can vary a little more for the other larger variations of the Intex Ultra Frame pool.

The products are shipped along with an installation DVD specific to each variant and it is recommended that a step-by-step method be followed without rushing or skipping steps.

This will ensure a near-perfect installation which will stand the test of time and save you from unwanted headaches in the long run.

Probably the most vital point to take heed of is to install the Intex Ultra Frame pool on a plane and level ground preferably one without grass, soft mud or loose sand.

If you are installing the Intex above ground pool on a concrete floor area, make sure to use a rubber cushion mat of reasonable thickness to firmly hold the structure in place.

It is recommended that the support stands of the above ground pool be placed on pressure-treated wood preferably 15 X 15 X 2 inches in dimension for enhanced stability when placing the Intex Ultra Frame pool in your backyard.

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