Intex Easy Set Pool Review

If what you’re looking for, in an above-ground pool ,is a budget-friendly option that is easy to set up and disassemble, able to accommodate up to 6-7 people without being overcrowded, and is also safe for children, then the Intex Easy Set Pool should definitely rank high on the list of products you must consider.

This oval-shaped inflatable pool is lauded for its visual appeal and reliability during the summer months. It is also the perfect outdoor above-ground pool for homes that do not have the luxury of yard space, and can be disassembled quickly and stored away when the warm summer comes to an end.

Two of the main pool sizes available are the Intex Easy Set Pool 12×36, which is ideal for a single user or a small family made up or 3-4 individuals, and the Intex Easy Set Pool 18×48, which is a heavy duty pool-set that can easily accommodate a larger number of people. Other Intex pool sizes that are available include the 8 x 30, 10 x 30, 12 x 30, 12 x 36, 15 x 36, and the 15 x 48 set.

1.Intex 15 X 42 Easy Set Pool– Perfect For Small Yard

One of the larger pool sets among the medium-sized variants, the Intex 15 X 42 Easy Set Pool is probably not a bad pick if you’ve got limited space available in your yard but still want to enjoy the relaxing feel of immersing yourself in an outdoor pool setting during a hot day.

With a size of 15 feet by 42 inches, the pool is an ideal fit for small families as it is able to comfortably accommodate 4-5 people while still leaving ample room for fun activities. Perfectly manufactured to match the color of the beautiful sky during warm summers, the pool’s aesthetic is an underrated feature that doesn’t just complement users’ affinity for the product but also contributes to its visual appeal.

Equipped with a sturdy sidewall that protects the integrity of the pool set and also functions efficiently as a barrier to keep occupants and water in, the Intex 15 X 42 Easy Set Pool is both reliant and resistant, though excessively rough handling may lead to a puncture that inadvertently causes damage to the pool set.

2.Intex 8 X 30 Easy Set Pool— Best For Singles And Couples

This smaller variant of the Intex Easy Set Pool is basically for individuals who reside alone or just with a companion. Despite the fact that it is compact, it can still comfortably accommodate 2-3 persons. Manufactured as a cheaper option for buyers who aren’t used to having company over for swimming or other outdoor pool activities, it offers adequate protection from the heat during the summer months though it requires far less water volume.

Final Verdict

Though the information in the Intex Easy Set Pool Reviews is indeed valuable for anyone who is contemplating making a purchase, personal preferences remain the most significant factor that determines the choice of a prospective buyer. It is, however, essential that the above-mentioned factors are taken into consideration before making that final decision, or you will be stuck with a pool-set that is unusable or even worse: defective.

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